August 18, 2017


Diagnostic Services

World Wide Medical Physics Diagnostic Services cover all areas of diagnostic medical physics, including mammography. We provide services to the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and provide our customers with the best possible service by using the most advanced quality assurance products available. We will work with your staff to provide reports in a timely manner.

Radiation therapy Services

We offer a wide range of Radiation Therapy Services to meet all of your medical physics coverage needs.  We only employ highly experienced and skilled physicists so that you can be confident you are receiving the very best service available. World Wide Medical Physics consulting division provides a full range of medical physics services in all areas of the field. We are passionate in our commitment to fighting cancer and saving lives.

Radon testing Services

We are professionally trained, qualified contractors that perform radon testing for residential and commercial customers in Ohio and Michigan.  We have all of the necessary equipment to perform comprehensive testing. We will test to ensure that indoor air and water supply does not have significant concentrations of radon and is not at any action levels.  For more information, please see our Radon Testing page or email us with questions here.